In this article we will look into the shoot process, the various steps and actions required by either the model or the photographer. This is to help the flow of the photoshoot as well as to explain the process.


Each photoshoot has a planning phase. This is where the photographer and model work together to come up with an idea / theme for the shoot. There might be cases were the photographer or the model have a fixed idea of what they want but it is always valuable to discuss.

If any themes or outfits or anything else causes any discomfort to the model or photographer it is important to say so at this stage. The goal of the photoshoot is also to have fun and make sure everyone is also having a good time.


Depending on the theme chosen during planning, some scenes might require props or specific outfits. Prior to the shoot it is important to double check that all props and outfit needed are available. Ideally it is good to have around 2-3 outfits per shoot as this give variety in the pictures.

The Shoot

On the shoot date the model and photographer will meet up at the pre-decided meeting point. From there the photographer will go over the process and explain a little more in details the various scenes and locations that will be used.

The photographer with prior agreement with the model might record the photoshoot (timelapse / b-roll) to create behind the scenes footage that can be used on various online platforms as well as live stream the photoshoot (twitch).

If at any point during the shoot the model or photographer have some ideas they should not feel shy to speak out and explain it. Model and photographer are working together to create art so any additional input is always appreciated.


From here there is two possibilities:

  1. The model and photographer can sit down together and go through the pictures to see which one are the ones they want to keep and which ones should get priority edits.
  2. The photographer will go through the pictures removing the blurry, blinking and bad pictures and upload the decent looking pictures to Google Photos. From there the model can comment, like the pictures they would like to prioritize for edits.

The photographer will then edit the selected pictures and upload them in a new album on Google Photos and share it with the model.

Online Publication

When posting on social media please do tag each other when possible to help share the art created through the photoshoot session. If a model would like their picture taken down from any social platform please feel free to ask the photographer.


If there are any questions do not hesitate to contact the responsible parties.

If you would like to bring friends to the photoshoot please do ask prior to the photoshoot date.

Lest have fun and create amazing art together!